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tsg-picturewall-maryjobochner Well-placed art can make a world of difference in a space. Whether that entails a single, statement-making painting that somehow anchors an entire area, a series of prints that pop against their surroundings, or, as in the space above by Savannah-based designer Mary Jo Bochner, symmetrical groupings of classically framed works, you cannot deny the impact that artfully arranged art can have on a room.

tsg-picturewall-summerhouse A balanced grouping of framed figures perfectly completes this serene and sophisticated room by Jackson, Mississippi’s SummerHouse.

tsg-picturewalls-nicolehollis A thoughtfully composed collection of butterfly prints add nature and whimsy above the bed in a room designed by Silicon Valley-based Nicole Hollis. We love how the use of black frames creates unity among the different sized pieces and ties the grouping in with the gorgeous headboard below.

tsg-picturewalls-nicolehollis-2 Again, Nicole Hollis beautifully finishes a bedroom with a set of framed art, this time skillfully layering black-and-white pieces to achieve a simple yet striking effect.

tsg-picturewalls-mmr2 A grouping of works done in a similar palette and encased in gilded frames follows the staircase upward, filling the triangular space and adding warmth to this sitting room by New Orleans’s MMR Interiors while also complementing the oil portrait on the adjacent wall.

tsg-picturewall-kenlinsteadt How stunning is the textile encased in a lucite frame in this project by Silicon Valley’s Ken Linsteadt Architects? In addition to being utterly unique, it perfectly inhabits the space.

tsg-picturewalls-mmr This MMR Interiors-designed space is oh so pretty, from the sconces to the bench to the large-scale, statement-making piece, showing that well-executed design is truly a work of art.


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tsg-seablue-3 Sea-inspired shades have a way of making us feel so calm, cool, and collected, we can’t help but aspire to living the life aquatic. From seafoam to a post-storm gray, the colors of the ocean exude sophistication and inspire a sense of tranquility. How could you not feel more relaxed when your walls remind you of the color of seawater as it pools around your ankles, as in the room shown in an Atlanta house transformed by architect D. Stanley Dixon, which is anchored by a table from MacRae for Holland & Company.

tsg-seablue-2 Greenwich-based landscape architects Devore Associates‘s work perfectly punctuates the slate gray and seafoam paint colors of a waterfront home. Above, New Orleans artist Alexis Walter‘s beautifully textured painting evokes a day at the beach.

tsg-seablue-4 The hues used in the invitation suite for Alex and Braden Eckert in the photograph taken by Charlottesville-based photographer Jen Fariello are reminiscent of the ocean on a cloudy day, while the velvet pillow available from Jackson, Mississippi’s Nancy Price Interiors resembles the point at which a wave meets the shore. With its blue-gray beads and leather strap, the necklace, available from Marissa Collections in Naples, is a stunning sea-inspired accessory.

tsg-seablue-7 We love the oceanic palette employed by Austin artist Hallie Eubanks (top). Gift tags adorned with foil artwork in soothing seafoam or crisp white by Savannah’s Emily McCarthy are perfect for couples tying the knot on the coast. A slightly more serious shade of green-tinged gray grounds a light and airy bathroom featuring fluffy white monogrammed towels from Leontine Linens.

tsg-seablue-1 Atlanta-based landscape architecture firm Howard Design Studio proves that a cool blue pool and gorgeous landscaping can easily rival the allure of sand and surf. A ruffled mint dress, available from Monkee’s in Wilmington, will have you looking like a tall glass of water. For a more subtle shot of seafoam, accessorize with hoop earring wrapped with turquoise, available from Liz James in Austin, or cuff from Nest Fine Gifts and Interiors in Wilmington.

tsg-seablue-8 Can’t get to the beach? Escape to the best of Houston, which you’ll find inside this beautiful blue cover.


Scouted: Three Unique Tables


The perfect textural piece to add a strong dose of elegance and the unexpected, this oyster shell and concrete table is a truly fabulous find. Like shells collected during a stroll down your favorite shore, the console is a collector’s piece that will give just the right coastal touch to any space.

Bremermann Designs // New Orleans, LA // 504.981.7763



Natural, minimalist, and utterly unique, this handcrafted table has a contemporary feel—and will stand the test of time. With wonderfully irregular edges, the table is guaranteed to make a statement, yet it will look comfortably at home wherever it’s placed. Call and order your own custom wood creation today.

Richard Wincorn // Dallas, TX // 214.328.6826



With signature brass hardware, clean lines, and plenty of room for storage, this piece is a gorgeous marriage of form and function. Recently lacquered in cadmium red and measuring 29.5″H x 20″W x 86″L, this mid-century credenza will be a beautiful and bold addition sure to add warmth and interest while also serving a variety of practical purposes.

Lynn Goode Vintage // Houston, TX // 713.522.5252


Make A Splash

tsg-pools-howarddesigns On a hot summer day, there is no better place to be than poolside. You have to admit, whether you’re planning on taking a dip or seeking a perfect reading spot, you would be hard pressed to find a more satisfying setting in which to spend a few hours than the above scene, designed by Howard Design Studio in Atlanta. (It would also rank highly on our list of potential places to sip a cocktail or sneak in a siesta.)

tsg-pools-cabanas-2 A welcoming pool situated in an environment every bit as relaxing and refreshing as the water itself is the ultimate summertime destination. This McAlpine Tankersley-designed scene fits that description to a tee.

tsg-pools-cabanas The Cory Spencer Partners-designed space (top) is beautifully symmetrical and pool party-ready, thanks to a seating area under a pergola and a neat row of chaises. Dallas’s Lambert’s Landscape Company’s carefully placed topiaries, trees, hedges, and other outdoor elements create the perfect poolside retreat. With its charming pool house, rows of cabanas, and soft green stretch of grass, the pool area by Phoenix-based Christy & Company offers a variety of options for potential loungers.

tsg-pools-water-and-water There is something so luxurious about sitting by a pool with a natural body of water as your backdrop, as illustrated by the above examples by Napa’s Roche + Roche (top) and Knoxville’s Stephen W. Hackney Landscape Architecture (above).

tsg-pools-lap The juxtaposition of the rectangular lap pool, which is all business with its sharp lines and angles, and the round, rock-bottomed lily pond; sculptural chaises; and surrounding gardens make the pool scene found in the portfolio of Greenwich’s Devore Associates Landscape Architecture one of our favorites.

tgs-pools-modern The pools shown in the photo of the house by Christy & Company architects (top) and in images from the portfolio of San Francisco-based landscape architects Strata (above, both left and right) are modern, serene, and oh so stylish.

tsg-pools-infinite Simple and stunning, this pool by Augusta Aquatics is situated perfectly among the gorgeous Virginia mountains. The sleek design and lack of a constraining front edge make it the perfect place to take in the hilly terrain.

tsg-pools-indoor-outdoor With its clean lines and bright blue tiles, this pool perfectly inhabits its Herlong & Associates-designed surroundings.

tsg-pools-the-view Austin-based Design Ecology‘s pools are to die for. We are ready to dive into this infinity stunner for the rest of the summer.




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