Scouted: Antique Clawfoot Bronze Andirons

SCOUTED-Antique-BronzeAndirons-GardenParkAntiques ‘Tis the season to start spending time next to the fire, and these antique andirons will perfectly complete the cozy scene. Made of bronze and featuring stately clawed feet, they would make a wonderful holiday gift and enhance any hearth.

Garden Park Antiques  //  Nashville, TN  //  615.350.6655


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On a Personal Note

tsg-stationery-emily-mccarthy-StationeryWardrobe2 Whether you’re a traditionalist or a technophile, chances are you love receiving handwritten letters in the mail. The intimacy of a note penned by a friend or family member on paper inspires the kind of thrill that even the most emoji-filled missive just can’t equal. This is doubly true when the paper in question happens to be thoughtfully conceived custom stationery. Imagine, for example, opening your mailbox and finding that a letter written on the above emerald-hued Emily McCarthy-designed stationery awaits…even the most hesitant pen-pal among us would be tempted to pick up a pen and write back.

tsg-stationery-classic Custom stationery is truly an investment to be treasured. Timeless designs like the ones featured above by Ink Nashville (top), Paces Papers in Atlanta (above, left), and Dallas’s Missing Q Press (above, right) will never seem tired—especially if you stick to a palette that matches your preferences.

tsg-stationery-toatsandlaurel A simple, masculine monogram in a classic font is far from boring. Exhibit A: The above letterpress stationery by Houston-based Toast & Laurel, which makes a strong statement yet will stand the test of time.

tsg-stationery-fun-monograms Injecting a little bit of flair via an unexpected pop of color or metallic to a traditional design, a la the featured selections from Memphis’s Stovall Collection (top and above, left) and Jackson, Mississippi’s Fresh Ink (above, right) adds personality without sacrificing any style points.

tsg-stationery-ellishill-3 We adore the above sketch from the Instagram feed of the talented Dallas-based Ellis Hill team. “The art of monograms” should not go unappreciated!

tsg-stationery-liners-envelopes As Erika Jack notes in her TSG Tip, envelope liners are a wonderful place to have fun and add a little whimsy. The patterns selected in the above examples by Fresh Ink (top and above, right) and Fair Haven, New Jersey-based Ink Papery (above, left) perfectly complement and complete the custom-designed creations.

tsg-stationery-childrens  It’s never too early to teach little ones the importance of the thank-you note, and these stationery options, all available from The Dandelion Patch in Northern Virginia, will have kids reaching for their crayons to craft correspondence in no time.

tsg-stationery-return-addresses The best stationery is beautiful from front to back, including the always-important return address. Customized stamps, such as the above examples from Toast & Laurel (top and above, right) and Chattanooga’s Shadowbox Paperie (above, left), are excellent options that allow owners to experiment with a variety of inks.


Friday Favorites: Finishing Touches for the Kitchen

tsg-ktichen-accents-mcalpine-2 An ideal kitchen is comprised of a variety of elements that are not just pleasing in a decorative sense, but also extremely practical. The very best examples, like the above room designed by McAlpine, Booth & Ferrier, seamlessly blend form and function while also instilling a sense of order; and while the layout, palette, and larger components are obviously key factors, the impact that details like hardware, lighting, and tile can have on a space should not be overlooked.

tsg-kitchen-accetns-pulls As Ginny Padua, owner of full-service design center Town & Country Kitchen and Bath in Red Bank, New Jersey, notes, “Hardware is a great way to personalize your space. It is the finishing touch, what makes it special.” Fortunately, there are seemingly endless options, so whatever one’s taste or preferences—sleek and modern, or something slightly more traditional—a hardware match awaits, and for those seeking something they won’t tire of, Padua recommends metals, which she says are “always on trend,” with polished nickel and antique brass being particularly popular at the moment.

“You may not think about the cabinet hardware you select, but these tiny touches can be the jewelry of your home.” —Ginny Padua

tsg-kitchen-accents-lauraleelclark-2 Tile is another way to add personality while also being quite practical. Paired with the distinctive lanterns, the backsplash in the above kitchen by Dallas-based Laura Lee Clark takes the all-white kitchen to the next level.

tsg-kitchen-accents-tile Viewed in detail, the Laura Lee Clark project (top) truly wows. We’re also taken with the gray and white geometric options offered by Chattanooga-based Mission Stone & Tile (above), which would instantly elevate any space.

tsg-kitchen-hardware-lighting The kitchen is an excellent place to incorporate an eye-catching modern lighting fixture (or three), as proven by the room designed by Durham-based Heather Garrett Interior Design (top). Those who are unafraid of a little shine might want to consider the Thomas O’ Brien Hicks pendant light available from Chairish in San Francisco (above, right) or a cluster of VISO Bolio pendants, available from Denver’s Mod Livin’.

tsg-kitchen-accents-lighting-2 Industrial-style lighting works well in the kitchen, too, adding a welcome dose of edginess while also being very functional. The fixtures in Jackson, Mississippi-based SummerHouse Interior Design‘s Pearl Bluff Cabin project (top) play off of the rustic wood beams and warm copper hood while marrying well with the black cabinetry and accents; Chairish’s large modern pendant (above, left), which measures 19.5ʺ W × 19.5ʺ D × 28.5ʺ H, would look great over a breakfast table; and the Navarre pendant light from Nashville’s Ironware International (above, right), which measures, 54″ L x 40″ (overall) H, would be right at home over a kitchen island.

tsg-kitchen-accents-brandino-brass-2 The experts at Birmingham-based Brandino Brass report that many people seem to be leaning toward kitchen hardware in light bronzes in matte finish, and that unlacquered brass is coming on strong. They also say that clients seem to be getting a little more creative with their use of pulls and knobs, using them interchangeably. Thanks to the above images from their Instagram feed, we can see why—we’re ready to install the unlacquered brass cabinet knobs in our kitchens this weekend! Those who prefer a clean line are in good company too, though, as Brandino also states that modern, longer pulls with a little detail at the foot are very popular as well. The good news is, there’s something out there for everybody, so take time to seek out the touches that will make entering your kitchen feel like a treat.


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Pawlished Accents

tsg-animal-legs-Catherine-Macfee_animal-leg-table-bolinas-artist-retreat-Bolinas_Breakfast-Table-800x1000 Here at The Scout Guide, we adore animals. In fact, it is unusual to arrive at our office and not be greeted by a wagging tail. This affection carries over into our decor, with rustic and antique animal-inspired accents and furnishings, like the above table in the room by San Francisco-based Catherine Macfee, always landing among our favorites.

tsg-animal-legs-Mary-Jo-Bochner-SAV-lion-sentinel Few things make us happier when we walk into a home than a well-placed sentinel. The regal lion in the above space designed by Savannah-based Mary Jo Bochner is just the type of classic, watchful companion we can get behind. Patinaed heads, finely wrought paws, elegantly shaped legs, and intricately carved claws add so much interest to a piece and infuse rooms with a wonderfully wild and whimsical sensibility, we couldn’t resist rounding up some of our favorites available throughout the TSG network:


1. Equestrian Lamps from LUM //  2. Roman side table from Neirmann Weeks //  3. 18th C. Carved French Cow from Caroline Faison Antiques //  4. Pair of Swedish gilded torchieres, rounded top surmounted with petal leaves, fluted wood neck on carved tripod animal paw feet from Coup D’etat //  5. Vintage cast stone shepherd from Revival //  6. “Jack” chair from And George //  7. Animal leg stool from GDC home //  8. Pair of hand carved wooden lions’ heads from French door surround, circa 1830 from Found

tsg-animal-accents-Caroline-Faison-Antiques Anyone in the market for anything beautiful and unique (and who isn’t?) will love the carefully curated selections at Greensboro’s Caroline Faison Antiques, which always include plenty of animal accents.